1950’s Wedding Dresses Characteristics for Vintage Dresses

Thursday, May 30th 2013. | Wedding Dresses
1x1.trans 1950’s Wedding Dresses Characteristics for Vintage Dresses

1950’s wedding dresses with modern butterfly design

Some of current dress styles and designs refer to 1950’s wedding dresses ideas. We can see and compare the old designs with the current designs. The old designs seems to be everlasting since the “soul” is still available after sixties years. Some of the eternal ideas are the tea-length style and some inspirational decorations and accessories. For more ideas, read the following characters of 1950’s vintage inspired wedding dresses.

Tea-Length Dress Style

If you browse for some pictures of 1950’s wedding dresses, you will find a uniqueness of the dress style. Most of them are in tea-length dress style. It is not short and also not long. It has around three quarter of leg-length. Then, the other common idea is a dot pattern of the tea-length dress. We may have surprising blue or gray dots on a white dress. Having the dots, may be various in size, on the current dress look strange, but it will be surprising I guess.

1x1.trans 1950’s Wedding Dresses Characteristics for Vintage Dresses

tea length 1950’s wedding dresses with accessories

Dress Decorations and Accessories

You can find decorative layer in 1950’s wedding dresses using a pure lace. It looks simple now, but it was amazing at that time. For current simple but beautiful dress, we can imitate this idea. Flower-like decoration was also the favorite decoration at that time. Ribbon-belt competed against the flower for getting the position of the most favorite decoration. Then, for the accessory, a birdcage veil was the most wanted accessory worn at 1950’s. It was beautifully accompanied with flower head band.

The ideas of having tea-length style, some decorations and various accessories of 1950’s dress may now be applied for vintage wedding dress. The vintage dress theme preserves these characteristics of the old wedding dresses. For some surprising ideas of vintage dress, you should browse the 1950’s wedding dresses pictures. 1950’s wedding dresses, although they are old, but they give the classy look and are appropriate for traditional or vintage weddings.